About us

Make yourself at home. 

Your well-being is our intention. Spend a cozy evening in a relaxed atmosphere and leave the everyday life behind.

Come in. Feel good. Enjoy.


Formerly known as "Bunsenbrenner" and "MELON'S PUB", MICO'S BAR has been created between Düsseldorf city center and the trendy district Bilk in the heart of Friedrichstadt. We have turned everything upside down, redesigned the bar and came up with a new concept for you. We want to build on old traditions like the tried and tested darts tournaments, but we also have a lot of new ideas in store. We will regularly invite you to exciting events and offer you refuge from everyday life on all other days. We attach particular importance to an appealing atmosphere and a balanced drinks menu.

On the front line: Our team

Loved and appreciated.



Milica is the good soul of the house. Her caring and warm manner is immediately well received by all guests. Sit down next to her at the counter and after a short time you will feel at home with your mother. Milica has a big heart and exudes warmth and love like no other. Both in her home country Croatia and here in Düsseldorf she has gained a lot of experience in gastronomy and finally feels that she has arrived at MICO'S BAR.

Who's behind the scenes?

We introduce ourselves.

Mike and Marco

You will find Mike behind the counter most days. Gastronomy is his absolute passion. He has been known as an integral part of the gastro scene for 16 years. No wonder that a great life's dream has come true with MICO'S BAR. At his side is Marco, who supports him on days when something is going on and otherwise takes care of things in the background.

Our story

It started before Corona...

In 2019, shortly before the corona pandemic broke out in Germany, a great opportunity opened up for us. In a cute little neighborhood near the Fürstenplatz in Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt, a pub should become available. It was the former "Bunsenbrenner" that was called "melon" at the time. We had only driven past it once on the train ourselves, but were very impressed when we saw the potential of the place. It was clear to both of us that we would have to put in a lot of work, but that we could realize a dream here and build a life together.

Why actually MICO'S BAR?

We have been a couple for several years and are a well-established team. We overcame quite a few hurdles together, but they strengthened our decision to take this step together. With a healthy mix of gastronomic passion and determined courage, we dared to do it. A dream became reality and MIKE and MARCO became MICO.

Opening in June 2020

We put all our resources and energy into the project and made a complete renovation with our own hands. Of course we had hard-working helpers, without whom we certainly would not have finished today. Our concept was a mixture of pub and bar. The billiards and dart machines should definitely remain, because they exuded this unmistakable charm that we wanted to keep under all circumstances. And so it happened that we were able to celebrate our reopening in June 2020 after the first lockdown.

Attention to detail

What sets us apart and sets us apart from others is the attention to detail. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as we do. Therefore, we attach great importance to cleanliness and an attractive and inviting ambience. What does that mean exactly? A thorough cleaning of the highest standard takes place in our bar every morning. We love to decorate for all occasions and let our bar and terrace shine in a splendor of flowers. Our suppliers, drinks, ingredients, plants and everything else come from the immediate vicinity because we value community. So it is another dream of ours to organize a small neighborhood festival in a few years.

A look ahead

It wasn't always easy. First the corona pandemic, then we were hit by severe water damage in 2021, so we were closed for 13 months including the lockdown. We were only able to open our doors again in December 2021 after extensive repair work. Even today we are still feeling the consequences of the pandemic and can hardly wait to finally get to know a normal operating procedure. We have shown staying power and it is hard to imagine Friedrichstadt without us. We are always happy to meet new people and love to watch how different personalities meet and friendships develop in MICO'S BAR. This allows us to continue to look to the future with confidence.