Drinks and Food

About taste can't be argued.

We offer you a large selection of drinks. There is definitely something for everyone here. And if your stomach growls, you don't have to bite the bullet.

Getränkekarte von MICO'S BAR, Düsseldorf D

Drinks Menu for download

Take a look at our drinks menu. We offer a wide range of different beers and soft drinks. You can enjoy your Alt or Pils with us, both from the barrel and from the bottle. We also have a large number of liqueurs and schnapps on the shelves. There is definitely something for you as a shot or long drink. If there is more reason to celebrate, we will be happy to serve you a glass of wine or sparkling wine.


Draft Beers

Whether Alt, Pils or a Hop House 13 - these beers are tapped fresh from the barrel. Who doesn't feel like a delicious ice-cold beer?

Radeberger Pilsner, Radler / Alster, Schlösser Alt, Krefelder / Alt Schuss, Hop House 13 Lager

Biere vom Fass #micosbar

Bottled beers

Do you prefer to drink from the bottle? We've got a lot in the fridge there. Be it a Beck's, a Guinness or a Schöfferhofer Weizen - even the people of Cologne get their money's worth with Sion Kölsch.

Flensburger Pilsner, Beck’s various varieties (Pilsner, Green Lemon, Ice, Blue), Sion Kölsch, Guinness, Allgäuer Büble Bayrisch Hell / Radler Naturally Cloudy, Schöfferhofer Wheat / Wheat Non-alcoholic, Schöfferhofer Pomegranate, Grapefruit / Grapefruit Non-alcoholic

Flaschenbiere #micosbar


Fancy some holiday feeling? No problem! Sit on our sunny terrace with a delicious cocktail, sit back and watch the hustle and bustle of the city pass you by. You are granted a break.

e.g. B. Sex on the Beach, Swimming Pool, Moscow Mule, Pina Colada, Mai Tai

Long drinks

From vodka lemon to whiskey cola to gin and tonic. You won't miss anything. And so that your head doesn't pound the next morning, we only use selected spirits.

 Whiskey Coke (Clan MacGregor), Rum Coke (Bacardi Carta Blanca), Gin Tonic (Bombay), Vodka Coke (Absolut Vodka), Vodka Lemon (Absolut Vodka), Vodka Red Bull (Absolut Vodka), Jägermeister Red Bull, 43er Milk, 43 Juice, Campari Juice, Aperol Spritz (Mionetto), Hugo (Mionetto), Lillet Wild Berry, Batida Juice, Malibu Sprite, Amaretto Juice

Kalte Longdrinks von MICO

Open wines

We offer a small but fine selection of wines. Our wines come directly from the neighborhood of Pipco's Wein Compilation.

White Duo des Mers Sauvignon-Viognier, Dr. Koehler Blanc de Noir | Red Anciens Temps Cabernet-Syrah, Anciens Temps Grand Reserve Merlot-Cabernet | Rosé Duo des Plages Cinsault-Grenache 

Soft drinks

Do you prefer to stay fresh in your head? No problem.

Selters Classic / Naturally, Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Mezzo Mix, Juice / Nectar various varieties (Apple, Banana, Cherry, Orange, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Rhubarb, Cranberry), Juice / Nectar spritzer various varieties (e.g. Apple, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Rhubarb), Thomas Henry various varieties (Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Mystic Mango, Spicy Ginger), Krombacher's Fassbrause various varieties (Lemon, Elderberry), Orangina / Orangina Rouge, Red Bull, Vitamalz

Hot drinks

A good day always starts with a good coffee. You can enjoy this with us in all variations.

Coffee / Espresso, Milk Coffee, Latte Macchiato, Latte Macchiato with Baileys, Cappuccino, Coffee specialty with syrup (Caramel / Hazelnut / Coconut / Vanilla), Tea Bags of various types, Fresh Mint / Ginger Tea

Kaffee #micosbar


We only pour original schnapps into our glasses.

Absolut Vodka, Cuba Caramel Vodka, Schmittmann Korn, Plomari Ouzo, Molinari Sambuca, Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila (silver / gold), Jägermeister, Killepitsch, Aalborg Jubilæums Akvavit, Krumme, Düsseldorfer Kirsch (Cherry), Berliner Luft, Waldgeist, Berentzen Sour Apple, Bessen Jenever, Bokma Oude Genever, Kleiner Feigling, Strawberry Limes, Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

Spirituosen #micosbar


The following carefully selected whiskeys have found a place in our bar. There's no arguing about taste.

Clan MacGregor, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jack Daniel's, Dimple


A few gin worries have made it to our shelves. We are well positioned here, both internationally and regionally.

Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s, Gin Sul, Tanqueray, Tanqueray Sevilla, Schmittmann Gin


As a long drink or as a shot. We serve you four different Bacardi Rums.

Bacardi Carta Blanca, Bacardi Carta Negra, Bacardi Oakheart, Bacardi Añejo Cuatro

Rume von Bacardi #micosbar

Liqueurs / Aperitifs / Digestifs

For the connoisseurs among you we offer the following liqueurs.

Baileys, Batida de Côco, Malibu, Amaretto, Cointreau, Campari, Aperol, Licor 43, Averna, Ramazzotti, Blue Curacao, Kahlúa, Pepino Peach, Martini Bianco

Cognac / Brandies

Are you still from the old school? We still know how to do it.

 Mariacron, Asbach Uralt, Osborne Veterano, Remy Martin, Hennessy

Sparkling Wine / Champagne / Prosecco

Sparkling moments are also taken care of.

Mionetto, Geldermann Sparkling Wine, Geldermann Sparkling Wine Rosé, Moët & Chandon, Moët & Chandon Rosé, Moët & Chandon Ice

Get to know us

If you don't know us yet, you can use the NeoTaste app to win up to two free drinks. We look forward to getting to know you.

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A little sample?

Our drinks are always freshly prepared for you, taste fantastic and are also instagrammable.

Mai Tai

Heavenly cocktails to enjoy.

€ 8.50

Hot drinks

e.g. coffee

€ 2.60

Oberdorfer Helles

 The Bavarian brewing trade in MICO'S BAR.

€ 3.90

Thomas Henry

e.g. Bitter Lemon
€ 2.90

Gin Tonic mit Bombay Sapphire und Thomas Henry Tonic Water

Gin and Tonic

with Bombay Sapphire and Thomas Henry Tonic Water

€ 8.50

Moscow Mule mit Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger #micosbar

Vodka Mule

with Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger

€ 8.50

Schlösser Alt dauerhaft aus dem Fass #micosbar

Schlösser Alt

With us permanently out of the barrel.

€ 2.10 / 0.2 l

Our wines

A small but fine selection of wines.

Our wines come straight from the neighborhood from Pipco's wine compilation.

Latte Macchiato

with cinnamon syrup

€ 4.10

Vodka Red Bull

€ 8.80

Offer is valid until the end of January.

Allgäuer Büble Bier in Bayrisch Hell oder Radler Naturtrüb - neu in MICO'S BAR, Düsseldorf

Allgäuer Büble Beer

Bayrisch Hell or Radler Naturtrüb

€ 3.90 / 0.5 l

Hop House 13 von Guinness in MICO'S BAR, Düsseldorf

Hop House 13

€ 3.40 / 0.3 l

The lager beer from Guinness.

Lillet Wild Berry

from now on in our menu

€ 7.50

For those who long for summer again.

CUBA Caramel für nur 1,80 € im Shot. (MICO'S BAR, Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt)

CUBA Caramel

only € 2.20 in the shot

 CUBA Caramel is the classic with the sexy, sinful taste. Made from the finest vodka that has been distilled three times.

42 below vodka. Special offer from MICO'S BAR.

42 Below Vodka

0.7 l bottle incl. 5 cans of Red Bull or 8 bottles of soft drinks 

only € 95.00

Our recommendation when evening turns into night.