Partnerschaften mit MICO'S BAR in Düsseldorf

Our partners

 We are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are apart.

MICO'S BAR wird von der Getränke Weidlich GmbH beliefert.

Getränke Weidlich

All our drinks are reliably delivered by Getränke Weidlich.

Elspass Automaten

Our slot machines and pool table are operated by Elspass.

 Pipco's Wein Compilation

 Our wines come directly from the neighborhood.


Anyone who doesn't know us can win up to two free drinks via the NeoTaste app.


You can also find all of our events on eventfinder.

Ela & Mo |

Every second Wednesday of the month, Ela & Mo organize karaoke and thus ensure a good atmosphere and a good mood.

Mo Weirich

The singer and entertainer from Düsseldorf performs hits, chansons and evergreens packed in a unique show.

Blumenhaus Bücker

Our flowers and arrangements as well as the terrace planting also come from the immediate vicinity. The Blumenhaus Bücker is diagonally opposite.